Ethan & Monica are the faces behind Hillside Hosting. 
Monica is a real estate pro & photojournalist who has worked for publications like NYT, WSJ, NPR & others. When she was 22 she and her mother began hosting on Airbnb as a creative way to help pay for education costs. At 25, Monica purchased her own home & broke into landlord-ship & Airbnb hosting. Ethan, is a touring musician in the rock genre. 
While something exciting is usually underway for us, at the end of the day we are pretty typical homebodies. Monica was raised on mostly HGTV and by hardworking parents in central CT. Ethan was raised in Ohio practicing classical instruments & filling free time with video games. 
We balance each other out and thrive as a professional team together. Ethan enjoys the cleaning and turnover aspects of airbnb while Monica enjoys being the main point of contact and hospitality and designing spaces that impress guests while also welcoming them in as if the space was a second home awaiting their stay. We take great pride in our process and experience and hope to share part of that with you.

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